Alabama woman gives birth in McDonald’s bathroom

ALABAMA (KRON)- An Alabama woman went to McDonold’s for a burger and fries but left with a baby.

The birth happened Wednesday afternoon in a McDonald’s bathroom in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Manager, Sausha Mitchell, expected her Wednesday shift to run its regular course.

” I just clocked in to flip some burgers and shake some fries and I end up delivering a baby,” she said.

Mitchell went inside the woman’s restroom to check on the situation.

There was a language barrier between Mitchell and the expectant mother.

” She was saying ‘no’, and thought I was saying ‘go,'” she said.

Moments later the baby girl was in Mitchell’s hands.

Once the baby was delivered, workers wrapped the child in a jacket until first responders arrived on the scene.

Mitchell’s only request is for the baby girl to be named in her honor.

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