VIDEO: Highway 35 landslide drawing crowds in Los Gatos

LOS GATOS (KRON)—The landslide in Los Gatos is still drawing crowds of people who want to witness the sight for themselves.

However, the families that live near State Route 35 are concerned that the road blocks and unstable roads nearby may give way as well.

They came up with a way to deter people from trying to drive up the hill.

KRON4’s Alecia Reid explains.

Volunteers from the Los Gatos community made it their business to stand on black road all day Sunday to turn tourists around.

“The road is very fragile,” said volunteer Mike Snodgrass. “There are lots of cracks forming on it.”

Friday’s landslide took out state route 35 also known as Skyline Blvd. There are also a number of mudslides, and road blocks in the area.

“It’s a very precarious situation,” Snodgrass said.

Since then hundreds of people have come to check it out at the same time, causing chaos in the neighborhood.

“We understand people are curious and want to see this huge natural disaster, but we just want them to understand these roads can’t take the stress of a lot of people coming up to look and they are actually creating a worse danger by seeing what is already a disaster for us,” Snodgrass said.

This is what concerned citizens decided to do. They printed out flyers, posted up shop at lakeside elementary school, and stopped every car trying to go up the hill as they attempt to prevent any future hazards.

“This is our only way in and out,” said resident Laurel Cockcroft. “Our lifeline for food, for gas, propane to warm our houses, medical care; if anybody has a medical emergency Black Road is our only way in and out.”

With the uncertainty surrounding the stability of the roadway, families are concerned about how much it can hold.

“It’s incredibly scary just to even bring the children to school you worry should I just stay and not go back home in case we don’t have a road to come back down to grab them,” said resident Traci Bianchi.

“We need the county to put a sign saying local traffic only, and we need the county to get in here to do a temporary fix to stabilize Black Road, so it doesn’t compromise anymore,” Cockcroft said.

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