Tech Report: Verizon now offering unlimited data plan, here’s how it compares to the others


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The wireless wars are heating up, as for the first time in five years, Verizon is now offering an unlimited data plan.

In response, hours later, T-Mobile sweetened its unlimited data plan.

AT&T’s unlimited talk, text, and data plan is $100 a month plus taxes and $45 for additional lines.

Verizon’s plan is $80 plus taxes and $45 for an additional line.

T-Mobile’s is $70 or 2 lines for $100. Those prices include all fees and taxes.

Sprint’s unlimited plan is $50 a month plus taxes and $40 for an additional line.

So, if you just have one line, Sprint offers the cheapest unlimited plan.

But since T-Mobile prices include all fees and taxes, if you have two lines, they are the best deal.

You can only get AT&T’s unlimited plans if you also subscribe and pay for their home TV or internet services they offer through Uverse or DirecTV.

Sprint offers the cheapest single plan but with their unlimited data, you can only stream SD quality video. So, if you want HD, the best video image possible when streaming videos to your phone, avoid Sprint.

All of the carriers will throttle the data once you reach a certain amount of gigs in the month.

Here are those numbers:


You can see T-mobile gives you the most before they throttle.

Throttle means once you hit that amount of gigs of data, your phone will start to act slower when web surfing or streaming video.

With all the free Wi-Fi everywhere, it’s hard to use this many gigs, but if you are a heavy user of cell network data, then perhaps, consider T-Mobile.

These new plans by Verizon and T-Mobile won’t automatically go into effect for you.

You have to call them or go into a store to enroll in these.



For Verizon:

Single line – $80

2 lines – $140

3 lines – $160

4 lines – $180 – this is where “get 4 lines for $45 each” comes from, which is what you’ll see in the advertising.

More information on Verizon’s plan provided by them:

22GB is a lot of data. 2/3 of our customers use less than 5GB per month. On all Verizon Unlimited plan,s you get our fast LTE speeds. To ensure a quality experience for all customers, after 22 GB of data usage on a line during any billing cycle we may prioritize usage behind other customers only during network congestion. While we don’t expect to do that very often, network management is a crucial tool that benefits all Verizon customers.

If you use the Mobile Hotspot feature, you can use up to 10 GB of 4G LTE data with your Mobile Hotspot. Once that threshold is reached, you’ll still stay connected using your Mobile Hotspot at 3G speeds.

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