Highway 17 mud clearing starts after major delays

(KRON) — Work on clearing away the sliding hillside on Highway 17 over the Santa Cruz Mountains has started again.

The hillside which recently gave way during the February storms was too unstable for crews to work on with heavy equipment.

Highway 17 has been down to one lane in each direction between Vine Hill and Sugarloaf.


Drivers on the highway have dealt with gridlock over the popular commute route from Santa Cruz.

Road closures that will take place Wednesday through Friday in Scotts Valley and continue next week could impact commuters, police said.

The Scotts Valley Police Department, the California Highway Patrol, and Caltrans will be closing some roads Wednesday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m.

During these hours, the off-ramp of southbound state Highway 17 at Scotts Valley Drive will be closed. The on-ramp of northbound state Highway 17 at Granite Creek Road will also be closed.

All traffic will be directed onto northbound highway 17 at Santa’s Village Road.

The closures will continue on Tuesday, Feb. 21, through Friday Feb. 24 during the same hours.

The gate on Green Hills Road at S. Navarra Drive will continue to be accessible to local residents to use. Anyone who finds the gate to be locked during the next two weeks can notify police at (831) 440-5670.

KRON4’s Rob Fladeboe tweeted these photos:

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