Residents illegally draining water from flooded properties in Contra Costa County

Flooding in Mill Valley

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON)– Residents of Bethel Island and Oakley have been illegally draining water from their flooded properties into sewer systems, creating havoc for the Ironhouse Sanitary District.

This month’s round of winter storms hit some residences hard, according to district officials.

Some properties have saturated ground and standing water.

In an attempt to remove the water, some residents are redirecting hundreds of thousands of gallons of water to an already full sewer system, which is illegal.

Sanitation officials said that activity overloads the district’s treatment facility and leads to water quality violations.

“Ironhouse does not run a combined sewer-storm system,” ISD general manager Chad Davisson said in a statement.

“This illegal activity of draining or pumping stormwater into the sewer system has already led to sanitary sewer overflows, which the district has reported to the State of California Water Resources Control Board.”

He warned that if the district’s treatment capacity is exceeded, then inadequately treated waste could be discharged into the San Joaquin River, which could be a health and safety issue.

District officials said that if the illegal water draining continues, the district will pursue administrative or legal actions against violators.

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