VIDEO: Storm victims seek refuge at San Jose evacuation centers

SAN JOSE (KRON) — With mandatory and voluntary evacuations in effect, several evacuation centers have sprouted up around the city to hold those displaced by the storm.

KRON4’s Spencer Blake was at James Lick High School Tuesday, an overnight shelter being run by the Red Cross.

City buses were bringing evacuees from the other evacuation centers to the high school.

Cots were set up inside the gym there.

People had the clothes on their backs and what little they could carry.

A lot of the evacuees already know the headache and heartache they have to sort through when things dry up.

There is space for just over 200 people to spend the night at James Lick.

The Red Cross has another high school on standby in case they need more bed space.

For interested volunteers, the best thing the Red Cross says you can do in the long run, is make donations to the organization.

A lot of these people have little clothing with them, or wet clothing with them, so the Salvation Army was bringing in rack-fulls of clothes throughout the afternoon.

Evacuees will be served three warm meals a day at the shelters.

It is not known yet how long people will need to stay here.


Evacuees are welcome at the following locations:

  • James Lick High School – White Road
  • Roosevelt Community Center – Santa Clara Street
  • Shirakawa Community Center – Lucretia Avenue
  • Evergreen Valley High School (on standby)

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