The World According to Gary: Why NOT so serious?

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)– On today’s edition of The World According to Gary, Darya Folsom and Gary Radnich talk about the All Star team being less than serious, Demarcus Cousins finding out that he has traded to the Pelicans mid-interview and George Clooney expecting twins!

The All Star game saw players hit the ground, literally! Steph Curry laid down on the floor as a dunk was being made and the rivalry between Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook is alive and well even though they are playing on the same team.

Demarcus Cousins was mid-interview when he was told that he had been traded to the Pelicans. The ever professional player kept his emotions in check and continued his interview without a hitch.

George and Amal Clooney are expecting twins and Darya wonders if Amal will be rocking Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement outfit to the Oscars this weekend?

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