Water pouring out of Anderson Reservoir

(KRON) Water is pouring out of Anderson Reservoir Tuesday.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is reporting the reservoir is at 103 percent of capacity.


The water from Anderson Dam is flooding several neighborhoods in South San Jose.

San Jose fire rescue crews are busy pulling people out of the  flood-soaked neighborhoods in the southern parts of the city as the waters of Coyote Creek continue to rise this morning.

So far today boat crews have pulled five people from a flooded homeless encampment near the Los Lagos Golf Course in South San Jose and are  currently evacuating dozens of homes and businesses in the Nordale neighborhood near Kelly Park, according to San Jose fire spokesman Capt. Mitch Matlow.

“Coyote Creek is rising because of water coming out of Anderson  (Reservoir),” Matlow said. “We have a neighborhood that’s basically underwater.”

Water rescue teams are using boats and other vehicles to go door-to-door and pull residents to safety, Matlow said.

Anyone who has come into contact with the murky brown water is being decontaminated because of fears about overflowing sewage lines, oil and gas from vehicles trapped in the water or household chemicals that might have leaked into the flood waters.

Evacuees are being taken to local evacuation centers or the hospital but it’s still unclear how many people have been rescued or evacuated so far, Matlow said.

The flooding is partly blamed on water rushing down the spillway of the Anderson Reservoir, which the latest series of storms have filled to beyond its capacity.

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