Highway 37 to reopen in Marin County Thursday morning after flooding


MARIN COUNTY (KRON) — Highway 37, which has been flooded by the Bay Area storms over the last few weeks, is set to reopen Thursday morning at 5 a.m., according to Caltrans.

A 1,500-foot segment of the four-lane freeway, located between Atherton Avenue and Highway 101, has been closed on and off due to flooding from the storms, heavy rain, and king tides.

“Caltrans initiated an emergency contract that had a contractor work around the clock since February 14, 2017,” Caltrans said in a press release.

Crews have fixed the freeway asphalt pavement to a “higher profile,” replaced the drainage system with larger drain pipes, installed a lateral support sheet pile wall, placed temporary pavement striping, and installed median guardrails and a shoulder concrete barrier on the eastbound highway.

“These measures will provide greater climate resiliency on this portion of highway 37,” Caltrans District Director Bijan Sartipi said.

Construction crews will do median and shoulder work during off-peak hours with lane closures to finish the remaining drainage work, headwalls, pipe tidal gates, guardrail, bridge sealing, electrical work, pavement striping, and median or shoulder grading work as weather conditions improve.

“These improvements will not make the road flood proof, but they will ensure future flooding episodes are fewer in number and shorter in duration on this part of highway 37,” Sartipi said. “We thank everyone for their patience while we complete this project.”