VIDEO: San Jose neighborhoods a muddy mess

(KRON) — Wednesday afternoon brought sunshine and receding flood levels in several San Jose neighborhoods inundated with water from Coyote Creek.

Video from KRON4’s team of reporters shows people walking through a muddy mess.

Earlier in the day San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo urged people to not return home until the streets are safe. Liccardo said the flood waters were contaminated with sewage and other unhealthy items.

Irma Gonzales says police woke her and her boyfriend by pounding on her apartment door in San Jose at 2:30 a.m. and ordered them to evacuate because of flooding.

Dazed, the 59-year-old Gonzales said Wednesday she only had time to grab a change of clothes and her two Chihuahuas.

She says the creek that runs next to her two-story apartment complex was the highest she’s ever seen it and looked as if it was going to overflow at any moment.

She says firefighters yelled “hurry up” and “move it” until everyone was loaded in their car.

She called the experience “scary,” but disagrees with some people who are angry about the lack of information leading up to the evacuation. She says she feels she was given good warning.

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