VIDEO: San Jose homes suffer extensive damage after Coyote Creek flooding


SAN JOSE (KRON) —¬†Some of the homes along the border of the evacuated area in San Jose suffered extensive damage after Coyote Creek flooded.

The properties in the neighborhood of South 17th Street near East San Fernando Street were hit pretty hard.

Coyote Creek floodwater is receding, which is good news for folks who live on the border of the mandatory evacuation zone.

KRON4 went back there Wednesday to take a look at how the flood damaged one of the homes on South 17th Street.

Preston Powell’s backyard is flooded.

“The water flooded and in about 3 hours, we went from OK to in danger,” Powell said.

That was the Naglee Park homeowner’s cue to take steps to save as much of his San Jose property as possible. He brought in several pumps to drain the water from the lower level of the home.

“My total basement is lost, my new landscape that was just finalized in July is all gone,” Powell said.

He and his family purchased the home 17 years ago. It sits on a full acre at the corner of South 17th Street and East San Fernando Street

“The debris and the extra logs that floated up here, and when the water recedes those are going to be difficult to move,” Powell said.

But when the time comes to clear it out, his neighbors say they will be here to lend a hand.

“Absolutely this neighborhood is about people helping each other,” neighbor Greg Winslow said.

And that means a lot to Powell, a U.S. Army veteran

“The single most amazing thing about this whole tragedy is that our neighbors came together and helped out each other…that got me,” Powell said.

In fact, residents are talking about organizing cleanup parties for their neighbors hardest hit by the flood.

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