Inert hand grenade at San Leandro waste site forces brief evacuation

SAN LEANDRO (BCN) — What later turned out to be an inert hand grenade was found at a waste collection site in San Leandro this morning and forced a brief evacuation, authorities said.

San Leandro police received a call at 6:30 a.m. today from Alameda County Industries at 610 Aladdin Ave. about a suspicious item on one of its conveyer belts.

Police said the item was described as a hand grenade, which was confirmed once officers arrived at the business.

The building was immediately evacuated for safety reasons and the Alameda County sheriff’s explosive ordnance disposal unit was called, according to police.

The waste collection business is situated in such a way that no other businesses were threatened so no other evacuations were necessary, police said.

The sheriff’s explosive ordnance disposal unit determined that the grenade was inert, took custody of it lifted the evacuation order, according to police.

Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelly said his department sees a lot of World War II-era grenades that are commonly marketed as novelty items and people often find them while going through property of deceased veterans and relatives.

“Most the time these grenades are inert, however, on occasion we find live explosives,” Kelly said in a statement.

He said, “Citizens who encounter hand grenades, munitions and other types of ordnance should call their local police department. The bomb squad will respond and make sure they are safe.”

Kelly said people shouldn’t feel afraid or think they are going to get in trouble for reporting grenades because, “It’s a matter of public safety and we are more than happy to come and take a look.”

He said, “If people find these items we ask that they do not handle them. They should move to a safe area and call police.”

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