VIDEO: CHP rescues injured Sierra backcountry skier


EL DORADO COUNTY (KRON) — A skier in the Sierra had to be rescued this week at Heavenly Mountain in El Dorado County.

He got separated from friends just as a snowstorm hit the area.

He had to be incredibly relieved to see a CHP rescue team arrive in a helicopter. The man had spent a long cold night waiting for help.

In chopper video, you see a rescuer being lowered to the ground.

And eventually, 32-year-old Aarin Yu of Los Angeles is strapped in and brought up.

He says that during very strong winds, he accidentally crossed into an out-of-bounds area and found himself with snow up to his chest.

The CHP says because of all the extra snow, skiers and snowboarders are pushing the limits and there have been more calls for help.

Yu was taken to a hospital in South Lake Tahoe and was treated for frostbite on two fingers.

He says he knows that things could have been much worse.

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