KRON4’s Teacher of the Week: Ashur Eillis

(KRON) KRON4 is proud to honor Ashur Eillis as our Teacher of the Week for the week February 27, 2017.

Mr. Eillis teaches English and Leadership for 12th and 11th graders at Leadership High School in the San Francisco Unified School District.


Here is the winning nomination:

Why are you nominating this educator?:

This educator has changed the lives of many of his students. I am glad to be apart of his class as he supports me and continues to push me into becoming the best person I can be. His passion for each one of his students and determination to help them succeed has been empowering. He encourages each student to have dreams and to never let anyone or anything stop you from achieving those dreams. He has taught us how to become better writers, critical thinkers and to love ourselves. He’s one of the most passionate, energetic educator that I’ve ever had and couldn’t be more proud of being his student.

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