Dine and Dish: MoMo’s Walnut Creek


WALNUT CREEK (KRON) — Momo’s the famous eatery across from AT&T Park is now in Walnut Creek.

There’s no baseball park in Walnut Creek, but there a lot of Giants fans, and it’s a benefit for us because they have known about Momo’s as they’ve gone over to San Francisco to AT&T Park.

It is run by the same guy, restaurateur Pete Osborne.

And it is not your everyday ambiance either.

There are ample big screens and also fresh salads.

Momo’s Walnut Creek even has its own oyster bar and oyster shuckers.

Plus, it has a wood-burning pizza oven with popular hits like a prosciutto di parma pizza.

So far, the menu is a big hit with customers.

The chicken pot pie is part of Momo’s greatest hits menu.

The chicken pot pie is made from scratch, with a puff pastry in the shape of a bird.

OK, one last chance to pitch–how about the classic cocktail?

And that is a homerun.

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