People Behaving Badly: Chaos when school ends

RODEO (KRON) — School is where we send our children so they can learn to be good citizens, but the fact is, learning starts long before they enter the front doors.

At Rodeo Hills Elementary School in the town of Rodeo, when school lets out, the scene gets chaotic.

Connie, a resident who lives across from the school, says drivers double park on both sides of the street and sometimes at the exact same time.

Some even leave their cars unattended.

“I’m very passionate about this whole situation because it really turns out life upside down. We have to live our lives based around this school schedule to the point that some residents have to block off parking spaces…because if I don’t have those they will just park and block the driveway,” Connie told KRON4 News.

But it’s not just parking issues.

“They clean out the cars in front of our house and just throw the garbage out of their cars so there’s garbage all the time. Dirty diapers, whatever,” Connie said. “It’s just unreal what they do.”

Watch Stanley Robert’s full report in the video above

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