VIDEO: Alleged burglar strikes Lafayette homes, cars



LAFAYETTE (KRON) — An alleged burglar is running amok in Lafayette, as police are investigating nearly a dozen burglaries of cars and homes.

The burglaries happened while the victims were asleep in their homes.

“The only thing they’ve really taken from us is our sense of security,” resident Chris Wilcox said.

And that not only goes for Wilcox but his wife and two young children as well.

“My kids last night were kind of thinking if they heard something, they’re a little bit nervous, you know, the fact that they’ve been in our garage,” Wilcox said.

The Wilcox family lives on Cordova Way in Lafayette’s Southern Burton Valley neighborhood where sometime between late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, seven homes and three cars in the area were ransacked by who the Lafayette Police Department is calling a “cat burglar.”

Chris says he noticed Wednesday that someone had rummaged through his unlocked car while his family was asleep the night before.

“They had come through the gate, you know, our gates broken,” Wilcox said. “We’re about one week out from getting a new gate, which is, timing is everything right? And we just kind of, I went into the garage and saw that they had rifled through my car, and inside the garage.”

One neighbor found a wallet in a driveway belonging to another neighbor.

A homeowner also found someone else’s keys in their home.

“The idea that someone is inside your home, especially during hours while you’re sleeping is a scary thought for all of us,” Lafayette Police Chief Eric Christensen said.

Christensen says most of these incidents could have been prevented if neighbors simply locked their homes and their cars.

“For the police department, we’ll deploy some extra resources down in that sector of the city, certainly, but we’re also asking for residents to be more vigilant about what happens to give us a call,” Christensen said.

“I have some friends over there that got hit and we all kind of came together,” Wilcox said. “And, you know, there’s even talk about, you know, a dad’s group that can just go around the neighborhood in the evening and just kind of patrol and keep out eyes out for something.”

Wilcox is just grateful the burglar never confronted his family in the home.

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