Only on 4: Good Samaritan speaks after saving teenager’s life in Fairfield

FAIRFIELD (KRON) —We bring you a touching update to a story we told you about two weeks ago: A 19-year-old Fairfield woman is still recovering after a weather-related car accident that took one of her legs.

KRON4’s Hermela Aregawi spoke to the woman that saved her life.

A special relationship: a bond that they say can never be broken.

Cissy Horne was the good Samaritan that stopped when she saw Antonetta Miller-Roman laying on I-80 West on January 19th.

“I had to get her off the highway,” Horne said. “I had looked down and seen what I didn’t want to and she was trying not to look down, so I got her up her head is here. Our arms are like this trying to keep her neck still and I’m looking down at her and I said I got you. I love you and we are okay and she said I want my mom and I said I know you do baby I know you do.”

Antonetta Miller-Roman was in a car accident and hit the center divide.

When she walked out to check on the other driver, she was hit by a sedan. It was a miracle that she survived, but lost her right leg.

“It meant a lot because I needed my mom,” Miller-Roman said. “She was there for me. She was my mom that’s my mom.”

“Well they say you have points in your life that are pivotal and that stops your life,” Horne said. “This stopped my life. The second my foot hit the pavement. I already loved her. I just needed to get to her.”

Horne who has two young adult children of her own says she saw Miller-Roman like her own.

“I love this child,” Horne said. “I did not take her eyes out of mine, had her hands trying to keep them warm and I was doing it looking at it like this was my child. Her daughter was laying on a highway and it was raining and it was cold and she was hurt and she was scared. She needed someone to help her.”

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