Study: Wearing high heels could lead to cancer


LOS ANGELES (KRON) — A lot of women love them.

We’re talking about high heels. But a new report out says they could be harmful to your health.

Sure, high heels are hard to walk on. And stilettos can give you hammer toe and bunions.

But could they also give you cancer?

It sounds outlandish, but now, a leading cancer specialist says there’s a link between your high heels and cancer by weakening our natural defenses.

USC Professor of Medicine Dr. David Agus argues that wearing uncomfortable shoes doesn’t just cause foot pain, but it triggers low-level inflammation in the body.

And if it’s chronic, that inflammation makes you more susceptible to disease like cancer.

The higher the heel, the more discomfort and bigger risk. Lower heels or wedges can help.

But if your toes are squished into a pointy tip, you’re still defeating the purpose, so to speak.


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