VIDEO: 2 more suspects arraigned in murder of San Jose Little League president

Santos Trevino (top left), Joseph Esquivel (top center), Percella Esquivel (top right), Andrew Cervantes (bottom left), Robert Ruiz (bottom center), Aaron Vallejo (bottom right),


SAN JOSE (KRON) — Two of the six suspects who have been arrested in connection with last week’s stabbing death of a security manager at a downtown San Jose nightclub were arraigned Wednesday afternoon.

The victim was a San Jose little league coach. Frank Navarro was killed on Feb. 26 during a confrontation outside of Tres Gringos Cabo Cantina, where he was working as head of security.

San Jose residents Santos Trevino, 21, and his brother Joseph Esquivel, 27, appeared in a San Jose courtroom to be charged with murder.

They are each being held on $2 million bail.

On Friday, police obtained a warrant for the arrest of San Jose resident Andrew Cervantes, 20, who was booked into jail on Tuesday. Cervantes turned himself in.

Cervantes will be arraigned on murder charges Thursday afternoon. He is being held without bail.

Two other alleged participants in the murder are being formally charged with murder Wednesday afternoon after their arrests late last week.

San Jose residents Trevino and Esquivel, 27 are being held without bail.

The two are expected to enter a plea on March 21, along with their 25-year-old sister Percella Esquivel, who was arraigned on the same murder charge on Tuesday, and their cousins Aaron Vallejo, 24, and Robert Ruiz, 32, who were arraigned on March 1.

Police believe Trevino stabbed 35-year-old Navarro when he tried to break up a fight around midnight on the morning of Feb. 26, but all five defendants have been charged with murder for their involvement, according to Deputy District Attorney Lance Daugherty.

Ruiz, who allegedly led officers on a 7-mile high-speed chase to Boynton Avenue and Kiely Boulevard, was also charged with felony evasion.

According to a statement of facts by San Jose police Sgt. John Barg, which was sealed until the court granted Daugherty’s motion to unseal it Wednesday, Navarro was stabbed at last three times in the torso and once in the neck.

According to Barg, Joseph and Percella Esquivel tried to enter Tres Gringos Cabo Cantina at 82 S. Second St.

After Percella Esquivel showed a valid ID card, her brother showed an ID that turned out to belong to Trevino.

Joseph Esquivel also has a prominent tattoo over his eyebrow, which would have denied him entry under the club’s dress code, Daugherty said outside the courthouse Wednesday.

The doorman confiscated Trevino’s ID and did not allow Joseph Esquivel to enter the club.

Barg said that Percella Esquivel threatened to harm the doorman if he did not give Trevino’s ID back, and then allegedly used her cellphone to summon her friends before threatening the doorman again.

Shortly after, a red Buick parked illegally along the light-rail tracks nearby and four people, including Trevino, got out.

The group started to threaten the doorman and Trevino tried to grab his ID from the doorman’s pockets, Barg said.

When the doorman pushed Trevino’s hand away, Trevino and Joseph Esquivel started to assault him. Navarro responded to assist, at which time Trevino stabbed him.

Navarro was president of East San Jose’s Eastridge Little League and also coached baseball and football at Overfelt High School, according to social media posts.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for his funeral.

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