VIDEO: Group of bikers attack driver on Hwy 101 in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)– Video footage shows a driver being attacked by a group of bikers along Highway 101 in San Francisco during Wednesday’s evening commute.

Police suspect the group of bikers were part of a sideshow on southbound Highway 101 near the Cesar Chavez Street exit.

The video, which was taken at around 6 p.m., shows about 10-15 dirt bikers without helmets taking up multiple lanes.

One witness said they were performing tricks on the highway.

Authorities believe the driver of the white Toyota Corolla bumped one of the bikers.

A black car moves in front of the Toyota Corolla to block him in. Once they have the Corolla blocked, the group of bikers swarmed his car.

A California Highway Patrol officer said the driver exited his vehicle on his own. Once he got out of his car, the group of men surrounded him and began to beat him.

He’s now in the hospital with significant but non-life threatening injuries including a broken leg.

All riders had fled the scene by the time police arrived.

At this time the CHP San Francisco Area Office is asking for anyone who may have witnessed this incident to contact our office at 415-557-1094.

Below is the full video of the attack. WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised


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