Homeless in San Jose feel left behind after receiving no flooding relief

SAN JOSE (KRON) — Homeless residents within San Jose and advocacy groups have plead with officials asking for some of the Coyote Creek Flooding Relief be distributed to the homeless as well.

Many homeless people victimized by the Coyote Creek Flooding resided at Rock Springs Drive, which is considered ground zero for the flood. Many of the homeless in that area lost their possessions and are residing in shelters asking for relief, according to KRON4’s Rob Fladeboe.

Homeless resident Amanda Fukamoto lost her home, which was a tent located near Old Oakland Road and has expressed abandonment from the City of San Jose.

“I’m pretty sure that everybody out here feels left behind,” Fukamoto said.

The Coyote Creek Flooding Relief is geared to help San Jose residents get back up on their feet, and long time homeless advocate Pastor Scott Wagers said the homeless are far worse off.

“If you have six million dollars at least give some to the homeless. I think it is legitimate, it’s logical and it is humane,” Wagers said. “To simply say they were already homeless is sending the wrong message.”

In response towards claims against the city for negligence on homeless flooding victims. City officials claimed they have warned homeless residents in advance to get away from the creek, and millions of dollars have been spent on programs for the homeless.

According to Ray Bramson of the San Jose Housing Department, the millions of dollars have been spent on housing opportunities.

“The city has been committed to working on issues surrounding homelessness, investing over $70 million dollars in the last two years,” Bramson said. “It is to create housing opportunities, invest in services and create outreach with a lot of work on the ground to get people housed.”

Efforts are still being made for homeless residents to receive compensation from the city.

“Why not give them a piece of this money, they don’t need much, enough for a few tents and tarps,” Wagers said. “They want to get them into housing, when, three years from now when they are ready to die.”

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