VIDEO: Safe full of guns stolen in San Francisco’s Sunset District


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Some residents in San Francisco’s Sunset District say they are feeling unsafe in their own homes after an increase of break-ins in what is usually considered a quiet neighborhood.

One man’s safe full of guns was stolen during a brazen daylight burglary, according to KRON4’s Maureen Kelly.

A woman living on Morningside Drive was shocked to learn that one of her neighbors had a safe full of guns stolen out of his house at around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

This part of San Francisco seems more like a suburban bedroom community.

The houses have front lawns and only a few have bars on their windows or doors–but that’s changing fast.

“Someone could break right in,” resident Iris Friesen said. “So, now I am getting ready to call someone actually today to get bars put on the doors.”

Friesen showed KRON4 her back door and windows that she plans to get bars for–as soon as possible.

“It’s just a fist through the window and it’s done,” Friesen said.

Just down the block, KRON4 found a man who installs window bars.

He was just wrapping up giving an estimate to yet another neighbor.

His client didn’t want to appear on camera. He says he’s lived here 30 years and never thought he would be forced to do something like this.

“We picked the neighborhood, we chose it because you didn’t have to exercise those kinds of measures to assure which is just basic security,” the client said.

KRON4 first told you back in February about a rash of break-ins in the Sunset.

Now, police say they’ve arrested that man who they are calling a serial burglar.this

Evan Underwood

Twenty-three-year-old Evan Underwood is allegedly responsible for four home break-ins.

One officer KRON4 talked with says they’ve made a couple of arrests lately which may be the reason why in just the last two weeks they’ve noticed that the number of burglaries started to decline.

The captain of the Taraval Police Station is hosting a meeting Wednesday night to talk to residents about these burglaries that have plagued this area.

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