Caught on camera: Vallejo police beat man suspected of acting erratically

VALLEJO (KRON)– Vallejo police were caught on camera beating a man, who was suspected of acting erratically at a gas station.

KRON4 obtained exclusive video of the incident from a witness.

An officer is seen on top of the suspect, hitting him repeatedly with an object.

Another officer comes over to assist and holds the suspect.

There is no further information on what led up to the beating or whether the officers were acting in self-defense.

Some witnesses told KRON4 reporter, Lydia Pantazes, they are outraged by the actions of both officers.

The incident happened Friday around 1 p.m. according to witnesses.

Pantazes also reported that witnesses told her the suspect was unarmed during the incident.

Members of the Vallejo Police Department are aware of the video and reviewing its contents.

In a statement sent from Lieutenant Jeff Bassett from Vallejo PD, ” … Just like anyone else officers are innocent until proven guilty. Violence is always ugly but police officers are exposed to violent situations everyday and they are required to over come that violence not just match it. We will investigate this matter and will take the appropriate action if any policy or law has been broken.”

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