VIDEO: Inside the Golden State Warriors’ losing streak


OAKLAND (KRON) — Many Golden State Warriors fans must be thinking the sky is falling after watching the Dubs over the last two weeks.

For any other NBA team, three straight losses isn’t that big of a deal, but when you are talking about the Warriors, it’s a story.

And while some folks in Dub nation may be concerned, the team is not panicking at all.

Over the last several seasons, there haven’t been many tough stretches for the Warriors, but they are definitely going through some hard times right now. They have lost five of their last seven games and will have to temporarily play without superstar Kevin Durant.

They have lost five of their last seven games and will have to temporarily play without superstar Kevin Durant.

Yet, the prevailing sentiment is that it’s better to have that happen this time of year instead of when the playoffs come around and Steve Kerr is embracing the brutal grind.

“I mean this is gonna sound crazy, but I kinda like it. I actually kinda like it,” Kerr said. “I think you need some adversity. We obviously have some, probably for the first time in two-and-a-half years, in terms of the regular season. I think adversity can help. Like I said, it forces you to kind of examine what you are doing and clean some things up.”

And the Warriors aren’t the only ones that need to make adjustments.

You could make a very convincing case that the team’s recent losses are the byproduct of a taxing schedule that had Golden State playing seven road games in 12 days, with one matchup at Oracle sprinkled in between.

Kerr says the league and its broadcast partners should consider changes this offseason.

“To me was not the number of games played, it’s the two trips across the country within the same eight-game stretch. That should never ever happen,” Kerr said. “They can work around that. I know they can. There’s still gonna be stretches where guys are tired, maybe you have to rest guys, but let’s try to make, especially the marquee games on national TV, let’s try to rest guys.”


Up next for the Warriors are three straight games at home, starting with the Philadelphia 76ers Tuesday night.

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