BART train schedules to change slightly after opening new Warm Springs station

FREMONT(BCN)– BART train schedules on the Fremont to Daly City and Fremont to Richmond lines will be altered slightly from March 25 onward to accommodate the opening of the new Warm Springs station, according to BART officials.

Adjustments of a few minutes to arrival and departure times are necessary to incorporate the new station, which will open 5.4-miles south of the existing Fremont station.

The minor schedule changes will also incorporate planned extensions to “dwell” times at San Francisco stations, BART spokesman Jim Allison said.

Dwell times, the amount of time a train pauses at a station to load and drop off passengers, will be extended slightly to make it easier for BART riders to get on and off trains at crowded stations during peak times.

The Warm Springs station schedule has already been incorporated into BART’s Quick Planner tool on the main page of its website.

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