Human remains found in some brush south of Salinas

MONTEREY COUNTY (BCN)– In the span of several days last week, investigators with the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office found human bones in an unincorporated agricultural area, a sheriff’s investigator said.

Some laborers were down an embankment clearing away some brush on the afternoon of March 6 when they discovered the bones off of River Road, which is south of Salinas, Sgt. Terry Kaiser said.

A few days later, more bones were found, according to Kaiser.

He could not say how many bones were found.

The bones were given Tuesday to an anthropologist to be studied.

Kaiser said investigators do not know yet who the person is, what gender they were or whether the person may be the victim of a homicide.

The bones could be of a Native American, but the land where they were found is not Native American land, he said.

“At this point we don’t know what were dealing with,” said Monterey County sheriff’s Detective Randal Dyck, who is with the coroner’s unit.

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