VIDEO: Man tries to lure Albany high school boy into car


ALBANY (KRON) — A man tried to lure an Albany high school boy into his car on Wednesday afternoon, according to the school district.

The incident happened as the ninth-grade boy was walking home from Albany High School, school officials said. That is when a man in a brown four-door older car approached him, officials said.

The man then asked the boy questions, and then he told him to get in the car for a ride home, according to district officials.

This happened at the top of Washington Street near Albany Hill.

The suspect is described as a white, middle-aged man, with a European accent, balding, but with some longish brown and gray hair, officials said. He has a medium build.

“The student used excellent personal safety habits by immediately leaving the area and reporting the matter to an adult. The adult reported the incident to the Albany police,” district officials said in a press release.

The school provided these links as resources:

  1. Tips for Parents: &


  1. Tips for Students:

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