Video: Parent’s scramble to find extra summer camps in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Parent’s within the San Francisco community are outraged at San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks department for not offering an extra week of summer camps, due to an extra week of summer vacation.

According to the San Francisco Unified School District, the public school system have shifted their academic year and now children will receive an extra week of summer break.

Parents rely on San Francisco’s Rec and Park department, which provided a variety of day camps for at least 1,500 children. The department’s schedule goes along with SFUSD’s academic year, but recent change was not enough for officials.

“We typically really plan out our camps well in advance, at least two seasons in advance,” said Connie Chan. “We have to hire staff, we have to have a budget and plan it all out and make sure the facilities are safe.”

The department will face another challenge from SFUSD. The next academic school year children will be receiving a full week off for Thanksgiving break, and camps are being scheduled accordingly.

Officials said it was just too late of a notice to accommodate for this summer vacation.

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