VIDEO: Trump billboard designed by California artist stirs controversy

Courtesy of CNN

Video courtesy of CNN.

ARIZONA (KRON) – A controversial billboard in Phoenix, Arizona, created by a California artist, is causing quite the commotion.

The massive sign on Grand Ave. pictures President Donald Trump. Behind him are images of smoke that resemble an atom bomb explosion, and symbols that look like the combination of a dollar sign and a swastika.

Locals have varying opinions on the billboard. While one seems to find it intrusive, another appreciates the message behind the work.

“The artist likes to express their viewpoint but I gotta wake up to Nazism for the next four years,” one man said. “This is the worst tagging stuff I’ve had in my neighborhood for 35 years,” he said.

Another person had the opposite perspective. “It’s fantastic,” Jeremy Bacpac said. “I think that’s what art’s supposed to do — Make statements.”

The owner of the property under the billboard, Beatrice Moore, paid the California artist to create the sign.

Moore expresses that the sign is a way of speaking out against policies of the Trump Administration.

CNN contributed to this article.

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