Hilarious video shows twins’ night of chaos and adventure

NEW YORK (WFLA) —A set of twins’ night of chaos and adventure was captured on video that quickly went viral.

Video recorded on a home monitoring system by two New York parents Jonathan and Susana Balkin, shows their twin sons having an all-night slumber party, climbing out of their cribs, doing gymnastics, building pillow forts and having a serious chat about their adventures.

The video, which is sped up, seems to show an night’s worth of activity.

At one point, dad interrupts the party to put the boys back into their cribs and rearrange the mountains of pillows left on the floor.

But once the coast was clear, the two boys climbed out of their cribs and went back to the gymnastics floor.

Eventually, both parents came back in to check on the boys and put them back in their cribs.

But the tots weren’t finished yet.

Once mom and dad were out of sight, they climbed back out of their cribs for a chat on the couch and turned back into bed when they were ready.

Hopefully mom and dad can get some much-needed sleep in the future.

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