Milpitas police arrest 2 alleged package thieves

Courtesy of Milpitas PD

MILPITAS (KRON) — A man and a woman were arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing packages from two San Jose homes.

Around 2:27 p.m. officers responded to the area of McCandless Dr. and Lee Way, where it was reported that two suspicious-looking people were riding bikes.

Officers arrested San Jose residents, 27-year-old Marcos Cruz and 23-year-old Amanda Matsuo on Canal St. near Newbury St.
and McCandless Dr., who were allegedly in possession of stolen packages.

Cruz and Matsuo were suspected of looking for packages on the front porches of nearby homes.

Officers stopped Cruz and Matsuo as they were riding their bikes on Canal St.

Police said Cruz had two warrants out for his arrest.

Matsuo was allegedly carrying drug paraphernalia.

Officers booked Cruz into the county jail on the warrants.

Matsuo was cited and released for the alleged druf para

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