VIDEO: 100-year-old tree slams into Vallejo family’s home

VALLEJO (KRON) — A 100-year-old Oak tree slammed into a Vallejo family’s home early Tuesday morning.

The tree toppled the home around 2:13 a.m.

KRON4’s Yoli Aceves told us the home was red tagged as a result of the incident.

The city worked to remove the century-old tree from the family’s roof that morning.

An inspector was called to assess the damage and determine whether the family would be allowed to retrieve some of their property.

The owner had been asking the city to cut down the tree but was told the process would take time.

A tree surgeon was called to the home 11-years ago but it was determined the tree didn’t pose any danger at that time.

City officials said permits are required to remove any type of tree within the city.

Removing the 100-year-old Oak tree would have cost the family around $470, according to officials.

Payment plans are an option for residents who can’t foot the entire bill at one time.

KRON’s Philippe Djegal spoke with the homeowner who told him that removing the tree was too expensive.

It is unclear if the tree crashed into the home as a result of harsh weather conditions but in the past, other trees in the area have fallen because of overly saturated soil.

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