VIDEO: Oakland Hills woman highlights pothole problem by making them more visible


OAKLAND (KRON) —¬†Months of rain have not helped with potholes which are prominent all over the Bay Area.

And in the Oakland Hills, a woman who got tired of the holes started taking matters into her own hands.

She didn’t try to fill the potholes herself. Instead, she simply decided to make the potholes more visible and easier for drivers to avoid.

Drive along Thornhill in Oakland, and you’ll have to navigate a whole bunch of holes.

But one, in particular, got on Linda Foust’s last nerve.

“I was hitting it fairly frequently, and then it just got so big,” Foust said.

Just yards away from the corner of her street is “the big one,” as she calls it.

But now it comes as less of a surprise.

“I decided that I would paint it so that I could see it in advance,” Foust said.

Foust and her friend Wendy replaced their scheduled tea date last week, with a paint date to draw attention to the big whoppers on Thornhill.

At first, they started with yellow paint, making a ring around the potholes. It wasn’t very visible, so they switched to orange paint, and then even still, to make it more obvious, they started painting white arrows pointing to the holes.

Neighbors have noticed, and really like what the ladies spent 3 or 4 hours doing.

“The thought crossed my mind that it might not be strictly legal, but on the other hand, I thought it was doing a bit of good,” Foust said.

This mile-long stretch of Thornhill still now sits as a reverse treasure map, with the arrows telling you where not to go.

Foust also plans on politely contacting the city to let them know the holes are already marked for them.

She’s heard through the grapevine that crews might be out to start filling them when they get a day without rain.

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