The world According to Gary: Curry brothers go head to head

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)–On today’s edition of The World According to Gary, Darya Folsom and Gary Radnich talk about the Curry brothers facing off against each other,  Lebron James’ message to Lavar Ball,  and Amari Cooper returning the favor.

The Warriors wiped out the Mavericks and unfortunately, Steph had to put his brother Seth Curry in his place on the court.

Lonzo Ball’s father, Lavar, had a bunch to say about his son’s athletic abilities. Lavar went as far to compare his son’s talents to Lebron James’ children. The four-time MVP didn’t take kindly to Lavar involving his children and warned him to refrain from mentioning his family.

Oakland Raiders player Amari Cooper returned the favor and made his mother’s dreams a reality Amari posted a picture of his mother in front of her dream home and car.


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