VIDEO: Boulder Creek in Santa Cruz Mountains receives over 7 feet of rain this season


SANTA CRUZ COUNTY (KRON) — The last few storms of the rainy season are not bringing the gully-washers we have seen across the region this winter, but the rain is adding up, perhaps nowhere more so than in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

In Boulder Creek, the rain is approaching record territory. Some of the locals think in terms of feet not inches when they talk about annual rainfall.

So far this year, Boulder Creek has received just shy of 7.5 feet of rain and the rainy season has another month or so to go.

As traffic dodged the puddles left by the latest rain overnight and Wednesday morning, the sun made a rare and welcome appearance to people like Richard Hoime and Jaime Marx, who are weary of the wet weather.

“It’s been tough and hard on the infrastructure around here,” Hoime said. “It’s just hard to get to the places I need to be.”

“It just makes you want to stay home all day and cook,” Marx added.

Heavy at times, the latest downpour, while fairly brief, added just over an inch of rain to the already impressive totals in the San Lorenzo Valley.

They keep track of the rainfall at Johnny’s Super Market.

The chart by the front door, updated daily, says Boulder Creek has received 89.2 inches of rain since Oct. 1.

That’s almost twice as much as this time a year ago.

“It’s all about how the land takes it,” resident Dave Meschi said. “These mountains can handle a lot of rain and as long as everybody is safe, well, that’s the main thing.”

It isn’t just Boulder Creek.

Across the valley, along Summit Road, the numbers are even more impressive, says longtime resident Harry Schoenfeld.

“We got another 3 inches night before last,” Schoenfeld said. “That brought us up to 95. I bet we got 100 before the season is over.”

That would make it the wettest year since 1997-98 when Boulder Creek recorded just over 94 inches. For the unofficial record, one has to go all the way back to the infamous, killer storms of 1982 and 1983 when the region saw 111 inches.

As the sun dodged between the clouds, people who were here way back then are saying enough is enough.

“I’m getting really tired of rain, hoping for a dry spring and ready for summer,” Santa Cruz resident Bruce Niemayer said.

Keep in mind too that there’s still a few weeks left in the rainy season.

And KRON4 has learned that it’s not unusual for spring storms to dump several inches at a time, pushing the numbers toward a new high.

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