Family sues after woman dies from drinking deadly herbal tea in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The family of a woman who died from drinking herbal tea bought from a San Francisco herbalist has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the trading company, the family announced Thursday.

San Francisco resident Yu-Ping Xie, 56, died Saturday after she drank tea she bought from Sun Wing Wo Trading Company at 1105 Grant Ave.

Xie was one of two people hospitalized earlier this month due to the tea, which was later found to be coated in toxin called aconite.

Xie’s family wants to hold the man who made the tea responsible for her death.

Jin Deng says his beloved mother got sick immediately after drinking the herbal tea she picked up at a popular San Francisco Chinatown store.

Deng says after having just one batch, his mother ended up in the hospital with doctors recommending amputating her leg in hopes of saving her.

Deng told his mom that the doctors needed to cut off her leg. She said yes.

Sadly, Deng says the amputation did not help his mother and she died, a few days later. Now, he and his family are suing the store where the tea came from and the herbalist, commonly known as Dr. Chan.

Deng tells KRON4 his mother got the tea to boost her immune system. There are 15 different ingredients in the tea including aconite, an herb that Deng says some herbalist say has medicinal properties but if not processed properly can be toxic.

The family says their primary reason to sue is to make sure others don’t suffer the way they have.

However, in Chinatown, there is a different sentiment.

“Chinese people very much believe in herbs. It is a part of the culture. A death is very suprising,” one woman said.

The shop’s owner is cooperating fully with health department officials as they investigate the poisonings.

A GoFundMe account was created on the victim’s behalf to raise funds for funeral expenses.


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