VIDEO: Funeral held for teen girl shot during police operation in Hayward


ANTIOCH (KRON) — A funeral was held on Thursday for a teenage girl who died after being shot during a police operation in Hayward.

Investigators say Elena Mondragon was the passenger in a stolen vehicle that was being used as a weapon driving toward officers.

The family did not want to speak about that Thursday. The focus was laying the girl to rest.


It was a highly emotional day for family and friends of 16-year-old Mondragon.

Her funeral was held here Thursday at Higgins Mortuary in Antioch.

“We are heartbroken,” uncle Miguel Minjares said. “The reality is there is no going back. This is kind of the final day we have with her”

Back on March 14, Elena was in Hayward and the passenger in a stolen vehicle.

Hayward police say the driver of that vehicle allegedly rammed into a Fremont police vehicle.

Investigators say she was killed when police opened fire on the car. An autopsy revealed she was two months pregnant.

“We are dealing with the loss of our family member and she was young, and we’re not going to have that time with her,” Minjares said. “We’re not going to be able to do certain things. It’s the realization of today that make it all reality and it hurts.”

“It is crazy because we just been around her so much and she was just a bright person,” Ranisha Geejn said. “She always smiled, you know.”

Her uncle Miguel told KRON4 that family members came from near and far to see Elena laid to rest and that they are very thankful for donations from the community to help pay for the funeral.

“Appreciate it. You know, we had the GoFundMe account which people donated to, which is great. At times like this, the smallest things matter. It was comforting, comforting to know, sometimes you think you’re in this world by yourself and you’re not,” Minjares said.

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