Identity theft suspect with 19 fake driver licenses arrested in Marin

On Mar. 24, police arrested a male suspect for possessing 19 fake California Driver Licenses. The suspect also made fraudulent purchases.

MARIN (KRON) — Sheriff deputies within Marin County arrested a man who was responsible for multiple identity theft scams and fraudulent charges.

According to sheriff deputies, the unidentified male suspect was arrested for containing 19 fake California Driver Licenses and several packages purchased from a false credit and debit cards.

Sheriff deputies were alerted by an affected victim, who received a notification of an Apple Macbook Pro via online. According to the victim, the purchase was never made.

The Marin County Sheriff’s Department worked with a mailing center located in southern Marin. An employee stalled the suspect and wrote down the license plate number; giving officers the opportunity to catch up to the suspect.

After a search officers discovered evidence that linked him to identity theft.

The suspect was arrested and taken to Marin County Jail on several fraud charges.

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