Suspect steals $30,000 worth of laptops from an East Bay nonprofit

SAN LEANDRO (KRON) — The San Leandro police and several community¬†members have asked the public’s assistance in helping to identify a suspect who stole technology equipment from a non-profit organization.

According to San Leandro police, an unknown suspect stole at least $30,000 worth of laptops from non-profit organization Green Citizens and is still at large.

The Green Citizens is geared at providing laptops to students who have limited access to computers to help the youth with their education, according to Dawn Fergosa.

“Somehow in the middle of the night they cut the lock,” Fergosa said. “We opened it up and everything was gone.”

All of the laptops were stored temporarily inside of a pod, and when Fergosa husband noticed the lock was gone; they figured the worse happened.

Fergosa and her husband were not the only people outraged, the San Leandro police were outraged when news reached them.

“It’s really troublesome to hear that these computers were there for a non-profit organization to help kids prepare for life,” said Robert McManus of the San Leandro police department.

The community played their part and help provide old laptops to Green Citizens. According to Fergosa, Green Citizens has obtained to 36 laptops, which is short of what they had to begin with.

The San Leandro police has asked other community members to provide any information to the police department.

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