ONLY ON 4: Robert Turbin starts annual charity basketball game at former high school

FREMONT (KRON) — An East Bay high school’s sports program is getting thousands of dollars thanks to a Super Bowl champion.

Before playing in the NFL, and winning a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks, Robert Turbin was a star football player at Fremont’s Irvington High School.

The now Colt’s running back says he owes much of his success to Irvington High.

“It’s always been my dream to one day come back,” Turbin said.

With the help of a beloved former 49ers running back and current teammate, Turbin was able to do just that.

On Friday night, he and Frank Gore took to the basketball court to raise money for the school’s sports programs and for charity.

Turbin had asked his former high school if they could help him put on his first Annual Spring Ball, an alumni verse varsity players basketball game.

No one was surprised when Turbin said he wanted the money to go charity.

“He really cares about this community.  Really giving,” alumni team coach Jerry Trujillo said. “You know he just loves this community and he always wants to come back and do something for this school and the Irvington area.”

“He’s always been very, very humble,” added Irvington High School’s Athletic Director Michelle Stone.  “He was a normal kid, not wanting to go to class and then finding out what he wanted to do he needed to work really hard.”

Tickets to the game cost $7 a piece, with proceeds going toward Irvington High School’s sports programs, and to Turbin’s charity in honor of his sisters.

“I have two sisters,” Turbin said. “One has MS the other with cerebral palsy.  My foundation raises money for both and raises money for people in need but as much as I am passionate about those people. I am passionate about Irvington and we’re also raising money for this event.”

His teammate Frank Gore was happy to be a part of the event.

“We got close,” Gore said.  “Last year we played with the Colts together.  I told him if you have something, you know, I’m there.  You know we competed together last year on the field and off the field.  You know he’s a good dude.”




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