Only on 4: San Francisco tenants fear neighbor killed cat

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)–Long term tenants at the Kean Hotel in San Francisco were mortified after finding out their neighbor allegedly killed his cat.

Cameras captured what appeared to be 44-year-old Kenneth Price slamming a pet carrier onto the hallway floor with his kitten inside.

“The night clerk called me up and asked me to check on an animal they heard screaming and hollering like bloody murder,” said tenant Octavia Dijon.

Before one tenant saw the footage captured on Mar. 11, he said Price called him that night crying over the death of his cat.

“So I took a look at the cat and it looked like the cat’s neck had been broken leaning to the side. And then he started crying which I knew the tears weren’t true,” the tenant said.

Employees at the Kean Hotel told KRON4’s Ella Sogomonian, that wasn’t the first time Price behaved aggressively.

Many residents in the building now fear for the safety of their pets.

San Francisco police were called but no one has been arrested.

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