27 dogs seized from hoarders, possibly stolen from families

Courtesy of WNCT

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — The Beaufort County Animal Shelter is looking to reunite some 27 dogs with their rightful owners. Animal Control director Billy Lassiter says 27 dogs were seized from a home last week after animal control received information that two missing dogs were inside the home in kennels. When gaining access to the home, 25 additional dogs were found.

Lassiter says the dogs were kept in cages for 23 hours a day, often only let out for an hour to eat, drink, and play. All the dogs seized are currently at the Beaufort County Animal Control Shelter as officers work to find their owners.

Below are photos of some of the dogs seized. If your dog has gone missing in the Beaufort County area in the last two years, you are encouraged to take a look at the photos. The dogs are being held until Wednesday and then they will be released for adoption.

A woman claiming to represent the person in possession of the dogs reached out to WNCT. She says the person charged with hoarding the animals plans to release a statement Tuesday and denies all the claims on hoarding and animal neglect.

Note: These are only some of the dogs seized from the home. If you believe your dog is in BCAC custody, contact them at 252-946-4517. The shelter is located 3931 US 264 Highway East Washington, North Carolina 27889.

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