People Behaving Badly: Flash mob strikes San Francisco Safeway

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON)– A flash mob struck a San Francisco Safeway and it didn’t involve any type of dancing.

In the video found exclusively on KRON4, a group of seven individuals can be seen filling backpacks and large bags with high-end shampoos.

The group stripped the shelves in about 56-seconds and bolted for the door.

In a second video, the manager of the Safeway location attempted to stop a group from doing the same thing.

He extended his arms out to keep them from stealing but members of the group reacted by attacking him.

At one point a bystander in a blue jacket intervenes to help the store manager along with a security guard.

According to workers at the store, this is an everyday occurrence.

One witness told KRON4’s Stanley Roberts he seen a kid load 20 to 30 tubes of toothpaste into his backpack.

Other witnesses said its the same group clearing the shelves of tide soap packets, alcohol, and coffee.

Roberts reached out to Safeway’s cooperate office for a response which can be found below.

“Safeway is taking this matter seriously. The safety and security of our customers and employees is a matter of great concern to Safeway …
We employ a number of security measures at our stores, including visible deterrents and others that are not immediately apparent. We are conducting a thorough investigation of the incident that occurred involving a Safeway employee. In the meantime, we can say the employee involved in the incident is okay.”

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