VIDEO: ‘Dumb’ robber forgets to put on ski mask while robbing Washington, D.C. 7-Eleven


WASHINGTON, D.C. (KRON) — Police in Washington D.C. say they still cannot believe the robber who targeted a 7-Eleven store there last week.

They say the surveillance video shows that he forgot something very important, and he’s being described as pretty dumb.

Surveillance video shows a man walking purposefully up to a 7-Eleven and going inside.

Several different cameras are catching his every move as he pulls a gun from his pocket, starts talking to the cashier, and demands cash.

But he’s forgotten his ski mask.

It takes him a long time before he finally pulls it over his face. He then begins checking over his shoulder to see if anyone saw him.

Of course, by that point, police have him on camera and say he’s greatly increased his odds of being caught. They’re now circulating this video.

They expect that someone who recognizes him will help them track him down.

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