VIDEO: Oakley woman says several of her cats were stolen, $900 reward


OAKLEY (KRON) — An Oakley woman is searching for several cats, which she believes were stolen, and she says she’s not alone.

The reward is $900 to help get these cats back, and missing signs are plastering neighborhoods.

Kelly Houck says six of her cats are missing, presumed stolen, and in the last several months, more than 20 cats in the neighborhood have disappeared.

She says she’s lived there for two decades, and recently, some new people moved into the neighborhood.

The cats are fixed, microchipped, and have flea meds, Houck notes, stressing she’s a responsible owner and simply wants her cats back.

“These are our family members,” Houck said. “So, it’s a hard thing for me. We’re in rescue. We work hard to save cats from the streets living horrible lives, and now, I need everybody’s help saving my cats because they are part of our family.”

Houck is the founder of the rescue organization Kitty 911East County.

When it comes to her cats that are now gone, she’s checked shelters and filed reports.

She says if people have a problem with neighborhood cats, they can trap them on their property, but they have to bring them back to the owner–or bring them to a shelter.

People cannot just dump them somewhere.

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