Warning for parents after girl badly burned by homemade slime

(WTNH) — Parents are being warned about a popular kids craft that can be downright dangerous after an 11-year-old Massachusetts girl was badly burned making slime.

Like many kids, Kathleen Quinn has been making what’s called homemade slime for months. You use glue and a chemical mixture. But last weekend, Kathleen says she woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain. Her hands were hot and tingly.

Kathleen went to the hospital and found out she had second and third-degree burns. Most likely the result of prolonged exposure to borax, which is one of the main ingredients in that slime.

“She was crying in pain, my hands hurt, my hands hurt. When we looked at them, they were covered in blisters,” said Siobhan Quinn, Kathleen’s mother.

Kathleen missed a week of school and has to sleep with her hands in splints. Doctors say it’s important to read the ingredients in any mixtures used to make slime.

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