Poll: 83 percent of Bay Area residents believe a traffic emergency should be declared


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — On Thursday, KRON4 told you how a new poll finds traffic to be one of the main reasons why people want to leave the Bay Area.

On Friday night, KRON4 drills down a little more in that poll and finds out how people want to solve things.

KRON4’s Dan Kerman spoke to commuters on Friday about where the worst commute is in the Bay Area.

Here are some responses: Tracy to San Francisco, crossing the Dumbarton Bridge, and I-80 in Berkeley in both directions.

While drivers can’t agree on what is the worst commute in the Bay Area, they can agree on one thing.

A new poll by the Bay Area Council found that 60 percent of residents in the nine-county Bay Area think traffic is getting worse.

Eighty-three percent believe a traffic emergency should be declared and 70 percent are calling for a big investment in regional transportation improvements even if it means raising taxes.

On Thursday, Gov. Brown was in the Bay Area pushing a $52 billion plan to fix roads and highways to be paid through hikes in the gas tax and vehicle registration fees.

The Bay Area Council says that’s a start, but the Bay Area needs to think bigger.

“Possibly much more ferries on the Bay, maybe a second BART tube, maybe other crossings across the bay, rail around the bay, connections with places…potentially the Central Valley…,” Bay Area Council COO John Grubb said. “We’re going to have to go through a lot of process with stakeholders and analysis to try and figure out what the best improvements are and what we can afford.”

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