Illinois man loses 500-pounds with weight loss app

ILLINOIS (KRON)– A 45-year-old Illinois man lost 500-pounds with the help of a weight loss app.

Rafael Zuniga weighed over 800 pounds before using the app.

Doctors told him he was morbidly obese in July of 2011 and suffered from lymphedema, hypertension, and cellulitis.

That was the moment Zuniga began fighting for his life.

“It was a beautiful day out and I had seen everybody. Life was passing me by,” he said.

He found an app called LoseIt! that helped him count his calories and track his meals.

Zuniga does cardio five times a week, lifts weights and maintains a clean diet.

“I was sitting at the edge of my bed doing sit ups. I refused to believe that I was disabled,” he said.

Zuniga is 500-pounds lighter and ready to take full advantage of what life has to offer.


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