North Carolina woman says DMV worker gave license with no test

NORTH CAROLINA (KRON)– A North Carolina woman claimed a Department of Motor Vehicle employee gave her a license without taking a driving test.

Kenyetta Redmond had engaged in a deep discussion about children and religion with the DMV worker.

Redmond said the woman told her she was going to do her a favor.

“So then she was like ‘I’m going to bless you today.’ In my head, I’m like what does she mean by ‘bless,'” said Redmond.

Redmond claimed that the woman issued her a driver’s license without taking any type of test.

“She was like don’t tell nobody because she could lose her job,” said Redmond.

Redmond revealed what happened to her boyfriend and mother and together they reported it to the DMV, which is conducting an investigation.

“To me I was like, maybe it’s God sending a message. To test me and see if I’m going to do the right thing. I don’t know,” Redmond said.

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